Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do U Create?

I have so many amazing finds that I want to share with you, (I know Rome wasn't built in a day) but one great go-to for awesome craftiness is U Create , that has every kind of inspiration you can think of and tons that you think you SHOULD have thought of and hadn't yet...check out the Craft Index and search for whatever tickles your fancy...I am in love with the Organize section at the moment, check out this free printable, who couldn't use this snazzy page?? It just MAKES you want to get organized...
I warn you, I have been feeling extra inspired to share bits of creative nonsense so keep an eye out for more goodness!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

How to Clean Things..Finally!!

I will admit it, I am not much of a tidy person....I have ADD and I work full time, I have a second job, I have 3 teenagers, 2 dogs, a cat and a husband, and I am a compulsive crafter.And I read....ALOT.... Sooooo...yeah, when I have a minute to myself it isn't generally spent cleaning. Today, though, I stumbled on this site, How to Clean Things and found myself WANTING (*gasp*) to go home and try some of the methods described...I am honestly a bit shell shocked by it...
BUT someday, I knew deep down I would have to put my slovenly ways aside, even if only to be able to FIND the things I am looking for (which seems like an unending cycle) and keep my beat-freak husband from killing me...Head over to check out the site, and let me know what inspires you :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How About a DIY PDF Maker??

I don't know about you, but I see a TON of tutorials that I would LOVE to print/save/keep as a nice neat PDF file but alas, the majority are not in a PDF format, and printing gets you all the extra advertising gunk and not related to the tutorial you want stuff that is on the page. is an EXTREMELY easy way to keep track of those tutes...
1.- USE CHROME!! I am a huge Chrome fan from WAAAYYY back, but as if you needed another reason, this works in Chrome and I haven't even tried to find an equivalent on another browser ;) If you don't have Chrome already (I am going to pretend I don't know that people haven't transitioned over yet ;) ) here is the download link :

2. Go to the Chrome Web Store and in the search box on the left, type in 'Clearly' (without the quotes) and hit enter

3. Under the 'Extensions' from the list that pops up, you will see the Clearly extension by Evernote option, and it will say 'Free' , click on that and follow the prompts to install.

4. Once it is installed, it will look like a desk lamp by your address bar...  

Now let's see it in action!!! I wanted to make this amazing travel bag, but there wasn't a PDF...SOOO...*drumroll*..once on that page, click on the desk lamp by your browser bar and watch the magic happen!!! There are many options you can tweak, but I usually just click on the print button on the right, and then when the printing window comes up I choose PDF as my destination and then after you click print it will ask you where to save it it something that you will be able to identify it with and save and you are done!!

For me, this allows me to keep PDF's on my iPad for when I don't want to browse through bookmarks on websites to find a tutorial again, and it helps keep me organized so I know what my options are when I am looking for the perfect thing to make!

Let me know if you have any questions, I'd love to help or figure out new ways to make our crafty lives easier!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Wishlist Book!

I am a HUGE geek....IT geek, but also BOOK geek...E-books are awesome but every once in awhile I come across a book I HAVE to get at my first opportunity..this time it is Sew What You Love: The Easiest, Prettiest Projects Ever 
 Tanya has some beautiful and creative designs in there that I think will be just what I have been looking for for my next set of real projects! You can snag your own copy at Barnes and Noble or Amazon....wish me luck, maybe Santa will bring me mine early this year :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Excuse the Mess....

Sometimes, you just think to yourself, hey, let's change things up a bit...I wanted a new look to the blog and have been collecting digital elements to bring my vision to life..but in the mean time excuse the missing sidebar links, occasional graphics that are way out of whack, and any other miscellaneous mishaps along the way..the re-do won't take long, it will make me crazy until it's right! Thanks!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cleaning a Dirty Dirty Iron :)

Ok, so last night I was attempting to sew, and doing fine until I got to the part where I actually have to iron out wrinkles and iron on interfacing..usually a pretty simple job, right? BUT not when you accidentally tried to iron a piece of material that had a gummy back, and now you have yucky iron gunk all over it and it threatens to get all over your nice clean(but wrinkled) sewing project...Enter this post by Thrifty and Chic about cleaning her iron, and we all know what I am going to be doing tonight! Any other ways to clean your iron that you have tried besides that expensive iron cleaner paste?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sew, What's in a Name?

So, like alot of creative thinking types, I have been too busy with a ton of life related stuff and not busy enough with my crafty creative stuff...but I am revved up, ready to jump back in, and's the dilemma...I intend to have my Etsy shop, FB page, and Twitter (and blog, of course!) but I want to branch out into blog designing, I am an IT geek by day and do web design as well and I love creating graphic things...So what do I call myself??? This blog is more sewing-ish, and I want to come up with something that will cover everything creative....hmmmm....I have a couple of domains that I snatched up, and think I even got's a girl to do? Any advice or suggestions or should I build on what I have here, and just add in my other creative corners? Thank you in advance for any brainstorms :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pattern Pile!!

Recently I stumbled on a site while searching for the next cute pattern to make and I couldn't believe all the awesome patterns I found on it!!

Let me know what treasures you find! Happy sewing!!

Long Time, No Sew :(

So, with working at a busy propane company in the winter, makes sense that I would be extra busy and not have much time to blog..or sew :( Well, in the mean time I have picked up a couple of amazing patterns that I can't WAIT to get going on..especially since Joann Fabrics is having a coupon madness sale through the 9th!! Among my most recent acquisitions are the Emmaline Bag , the Melford Messenger Bag , and today I found this cute little free tutorial for a fortune cookie bag that has so many possibilities!! What are your latest finds and what has your creative juices flowing?? I hope to get all crafty with my bad self this week and will post pictures of my creations, it is time to MAKE time to do something to feel good about and share :) Happy sewing!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Ok, so this is probably something that most crafters do but I never thought about it before 5 minutes ago and  it was one of those things that I wondered where my brain had been all this time to not see it??? I was checking out pattern paper, and thinking about pattern storage, and for some reason I thought...WAIT..I have (as I am sure everyone does in their stash) a few yards of material that was super cheap and I had no real plan for it, but figured I could find a use for someday..and honestly, the patterns on some of it is really not me and likely it will be still sitting in my stash in 3 years(because yes,I am a borderline hoarder when it comes to crafty stuff) ;) why not cut out my pattern pieces out of THAT and reuse??? Paper patterns get worn, even from one use, and pattern paper is awesome but costs money, and this would be FREE :) I could also shop the red tag material guilt free and know I had a real purpose for the stuff, a WIN WIN situation to purchase some 8 x 5 clasp envelopes and I am set to go!! Now back to planning all the patterns I am going to cut and organize this evening...*happy sigh*...